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SENSEI introduces the all new ToughBlade™ Deluxe shears. These shears are the ideal upgrade for anyone who has been cutting with a GSC or SWIVL. Everything about them has been upgraded. The steel is our Toughblade™ steel, an all new ultra pure combination of Cobalt, Molybdenum and Vanadium tool steel.


They have a three year warranty on the cutting edge! The blades take advantage of our new SoftCut geometry and finish. They pivot on our Patent Pending Ball Bearing Zero Gravity Tension system. They also feature Ultra Wide Polymer Inlays in the pivot eliminating even more metal to metal contact. The Crane and Rotating Crane handles have the hand made sculpted feel that SENSEI users have come to appreciate.

TOUGHBLADE™ Deluxe SENSEI Cutting Shear

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