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The SENSEI NEUTRAL GRIP (NG) shear is designed around the human hand. Holding it, places your hand in it's neutral resting position. This means you never have to stretch your thumb tendon to use this shear. Your hand stays open and relaxed and you have to move your thumb 80% less than conventional shears to open and close the blades. NG will leave you hand and wrist feeling much better at the end of a long day of cutting.


SENSEI FUNdamentals™ are high quality professional tools with all the key elements needed to support state of the art modern cutting technique. Made from SENSEI proprietary DURALITE™ Alloy they are ready to stand up to your rigorous day to day schedule and deliver high quality results.

They feature either our Leaf Spring Tension System or our Flat Line internal blade stabilization system to keep your shear performing optimally. SENSEI Convex edges assure a smooth effortless cut that lasts and lasts between service.


All SENSEI FUNdamental™ designs are available in easy to use 30 tooth blending shears as well. These shears remove minimal hair to allow you more control. Single cut for a subtle blend, double or triple cut to remove more weight.


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