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SENSEI FIT shears are designed to fit the average stylist without the need for any plastic finger rings. Beautifully sculpted to fit every contour of your hand. The Japanese Molybdenum alloy, SENSEI Cryogenic Tempered blades, are very durable. The pivots are lined with polymer inlays to eliminate metal to metal contact and extend the like new life of the shear. The ball bearing tension system provides blade stability and longer edge life.


The SENSEI FIT Seamless Blending shear is a marvel. Designed with our unique Soft Slide™ technology, they cut without leaving any visible line. The Soft Slide™ straight blade fans the hair across the razor sharp teeth so no two hairs are cut to the same length. These blenders can also comb out in wet or dry hair without a hint of drag for a better client experience. They will revolutionize how you use a blending shear.


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