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Using the finest Japanese Cobalt Molybdenum Vanadium alloy steel with our special Cryogenic Tempering, we set out to make a series of shears to rival the best of what our competitors were offering. We have included a polymer inlay in the full pivot area to eliminate metal to metal wear and a leaf spring ball bearing tension system to stabilize the blades and extend their edge life. The EVO SENSEI shears are elite tools that belong alongside the very top of our competitors offerings. EVO also has a unique serial number so you can register your pair on our website.


The EVO design also comes in State of the Art 35 tooth thinning/blending shears. Being made from the same Cobalt Molybdenum Vandium alloy steel and having ball bearing tension systems and polymer inlays in the pivots, these are texture shears that are built to last a career.


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